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Baby Shower in the Thumb - Pregnancy Update #32

I am so grateful my mom wanted to host a baby shower for Dan and I at The Pasta House in Kinde, Michigan. The two of us spent an afternoon with friends and family received fabulous gifts for our soon-to-be daughter. We thank everyone for being there to support us and for their generosity! Here are some photos from the event.

Invitations for our Guests.


Centerpieces - Fresh Sunflowers in Repurposed Spaghetti Sauce Jars with a Custom Paper Wrap.


Party Favors - Jars of Strawberry Jam I made in June.


And, my friend Dawn opened her jam and tried it on a piece of bread! She didn't report any sickness...


Table Decor - My Favorite Napkins.


My mom, sister and I made cupcakes, brownies and chocolate chip cookies, while my Aunts (God Bless Them) made mini-cheesecakes and macaroon cookies. We had dessert trays on each table.

We didn't play any games, and it took 90 minutes for about 40 guests to enjoy a pasta lunch, eat desserts and watch Dan and I open gifts. 

I had cards on the table for each guest to complete. They read:
Offer your secrets to parenting.
Tell your favorite childhood memory.
Share your favorite thing about being a mother.

I LOVE handwritten items, so I thank everyone who completed these cards! I'll keep them for years to come and love to read and re-read them. Here are a few of my favorites: 

My favorite thing about being a mom is I get to be a grandmother - and what used to be a no-no is now hilarious. 

One of my favorite memories was dressing your dad in dresses and pretending he was my doll. 

When our kids were acting up, we didn't spank them, we pulled their hair. 

Go on vacation, not trips because trips include kids! 

Remember it is okay for your daughter to get her own pop-tart and watch TV while you sleep in.

Secret: Everything can be washed.

Thanks to my friend Sara D. for taking photos and for all of the nice compliments I had from my guests. I received a lot of "you look great" but my favorite comment was from my cousin Kim. She assured me I was "so tiny" and that I would be in my normal jeans 2 weeks postpartum! That made my day, let's just hope she's right and not just "being nice!"

When we got home, we had all of this loot to put away and organize!