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Best Purchases - Pregnancy Update #38

My second best purchase during my pregnancy has been bra back extenders, and more recently, a new bra. Since becoming pregnant, my cup size seems to be the same, but I feel like I'm getting bigger around. I did read my rib cage can expand up to 2.5 inches during pregnancy. Must be what is going on. I picked up some bra back extenders to add to my current bras to give me some extra room. This new purchase soothed me almost instantly.

I also purchased a new bra, not at all sexy, because as the woman at the boutique says, "you know, as you get this big, the bras aren't very pretty, they're supportive." I didn't care, I was so excited to have a new bra, without an underwire to sit on my belly, that I wore it home. The girls at Sunny J's are the best! I can't wait to go back - closer to delivery - to pick up a few nursing bras!