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Nut Cracking Baby Shower in P-Town - Pregnancy Update #39


It all started at a summer party in Pinckney at Julie and Aaron's house...Julie and Aaron went to high school with my husband. Julie asked me if she could host a couples baby shower for Dan and I. I graciously accepted her offer and thanked her for wanting to take on such a generous and big task! Dan overheard our conversation and immediately said, "You know what the Dudes say about that!" I asked what he was talking about and by this time, he had some explaining to do to the guests that were now part of this conversation.


Dan: "I'm reading this hilarious book called The Dudes Guide to Pregnancy and they say if your wife forces you into a "couples shower" where you invite your "couple friends," all the guys who come get to kick you squarely in the balls on their way out the door after the shower."

Aaron: "If you ever catch me at a baby shower, I would hope someone would kick ME squarely in the balls on my way out the door."

And so it began...The Nut Cracking Baby Shower. If any of you know Dan and I personally, you know this is right up our alley. Anything fun, off the wall and out of the ordinary, we love.

I was bad at taking photos...I didn't get any of the cake or the cute decorations Julie had for us. But we had a great time with about 25 guests - lots of food, drinks and good conversation!

Here are some favors for our guests...nut sacks filled with mixed nuts. 



Dan's World Famous Nut Butter favors for the guests - keeping with the theme of course.



Of course the night never would have been "complete" without the UFC fight on television. Thanks to hosts Aaron and Julie, the guys probably think this is the best couples baby shower they have ever been to!