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It's Time - Pregnancy Update #45

Currently I'm on the laptop, at the hospital enjoying my epidural. It's 12:35 am on Saturday, December 19th. I should be resting but I'm "too excited to rest!"

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Details will be short and sweet:

Woke up with a little bloody show around 6am. Freaked. Showered, Shaved, got ready for work while having "cramping." It was pot luck day so I had to go to work and enjoy food and was surprised with a baby gift from my boss and a nice gift from my boss for Christmas.

Left work around 3pm, got the truck fueled up - $2.72 a gallon for diesel. Stopped at the bra store to buy a nursing bra - just in time.

Dan arrived home - he had the day off, but was at the rental in Hartland checking in the new tenants. He came home and cleaned the bathroom while I mopped the kitchen floor, changed the sheets on the bed and made a meat loaf for dinner. And he timed contractions - which I must add he started an excel spreadsheet - with a chart - to track the progress. Eventually he gave up and moved to paper and pencil. But I'm sure he will transfer his data when he gets a minute.

We called the doctor at 7:25 pm and he suggested we wait until 9 pm to go to the hospital, if things continued to progress. He figured with first time labor the contractions would end. But they didn't so we began to pack the car and the dog and around 9:15 pm pulled out of the driveway to take Rockwell to the in-laws.

We arrived at the hospital around 10:20pm and because I was so far along (7-8 cm), we skipped most of the admitting questions and went right to a room. 11:26 pm I received an epidural. Numbness in my legs and toes, but all in all, feeling "great" at the moment. Off to "rest" as suggested by the nurse.


So it's 3:10am (eastern time) and I am up feeding my 3 1/2 week old. I couldn't stop wondering about you. After I got baby back to sleep I came out to check your twitter site. OMG!! You might be a mommy right now, if not you are super close. I'm headed back to bed but I will be back out to check as soon as baby wakes back up, i.e. in two hours from now.
Congrats to you and Dan!!! Am I the first to wish you congratulations???

Fantastic. Looking forward to our new cousin!!!!! Hope for a quick and painless delivery.

We are so happy for the both of you. I found out by a phone call from Christine Dean telling me she read it of facebook. Linda called me and I got her name. That is a pretty name. She was born on your Grandpa Stroschein birthday.

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