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Labor Details - Pregnancy Update #46

I was napping, chatting, texting and updating my twitter and facebook page in no time. Around 2 am my water broke and I continued to try to relax. Around 5am I was in pain. I knew from the nurse that my epidural would take care of contractions but not pressure on my "bottom." After talking with the nurse about my pain, she checked my IV lines and realized part of the epidural IV had become detached, which meant I wasn't getting any medication. It was quickly re-attached, but the catch up to get into a comfortable position took a while. Afterwards, the doctor came in to let me know I was at 10 cm and could push whenever I felt the desire to push. I didn't have the desire, so I began to wait out the pressure until I wanted to push.

A new shift change and my new doctor suggested we begin pushing when I was ready. I began just after 8am and pushed with all my might...for about 3 hours total. At first I was progressing, but my baby hit a point where she just would go through my pubic bone. She wasn't stuck, but she wasn't gaining any speed to get out. A c-section was discussed a few times by my doctor because it was possible my baby's melon was facing the "wrong" way. I was checked a few more times after being pushed and finally, the decision was made to have a c-section due to my lack of progression.

At some point in my pushing stage, the epidural became disconnected again....not fun!

The emotional mess began. I cried, I was exhausted, I was upset and then I was in awe at how fast this was taking place. A call was made, a new bed was brought in, people in blue scrubs, Dan in blue scrubs and a bonnet and mask, IVs being moved, more drugs coming...I was in awe at how fast things were moving, almost so fast that I began to panic, maybe this was more of an emergency than I was lead to believe.

I was rolled into the operating room, put on a very tiny table, my arms were stretched out in a T on tiny arm tables. I was given more drugs, I wasn't able to see straight, I was crying, I was falling asleep from exhaustion and there were people in blue moving all around me. My husband arrived and I could barely keep my eyes open to look at him. I do recall seeing him in full scrubs and mask with a nice "touristy" camera around his neck. I am grateful he brought the camera, but he looked so funny I think I smiled.

I vommited on the operating table into a little bowl, and I began to cry again because I hate getting sick, plus, it was this gross sour juice I had to drink before going into surgery and a cranberry juice I had while in labor. I wasn't allowed to eat anything so there was very little to throw up.

The c-section was virtually painless, just lots of pulling and tugging on me and pressure here and there. I had my eyes closed most of the time, I could hear things but was in a drug induced and exhaustion coma. I recall the nurses bringing our new baby to me and I was unable to even look at her with both eyes open. I saw Dan holding her and realized it was all over.

I'm not exactly sure what happened next, I was wheeled into the recover room and everything was a blur. I remember waking up a few times and seeing dan sitting in a chair holding a bundle of fabric. He seemed so happy. I was nodding off here and there and eventually began to come to.

Nursing for the first time was brutal, I basically just sat in the recovery room bed and the nurse helped me hold my baby because my arms were numb. I felt so bad but couldn't do anything. A few hours later I was "feeling normal" again and able to hold my child for the first time without feeling like I was on drugs!

But in the end, we came out on top with a beautiful 6 pound, 8 ounce, 19.5 inch long baby girl in our arms! Welcome to the world, Rachel Suzanne Perrine, born Saturday, December 19, 2009!




Congrats on the new baby! I'm so happy to hear you, Dan and Rachel are doing well.

Again congrats, and try and enjoy the holidays! Hopefully you can get SOME rest! :)

Happy Holidays,

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