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February 28, 2010

Can You Find...

Can you find the baby in this photo?

Patzi, Pete and Rockwell chill out with Rachel.

February 22, 2010

Rockwell the Racer

While home on maternity leave, Rockwell and I had plenty of time to spend outside in the daylight and the snow. He LOVES playing with his red and purple Jolly Ball when there is snow on the ground. On this particular day, he was enjoying the fresh 6-8 inches we got and he was running all around the yard. I took these photos below...as he was running toward me!

February 21, 2010

Reading with Dad

My husband sat down with Rachel the other day and asked me to take a photo of him and Rachel reading a Car Craft Magazine. Just as I pulled out the camera, Rachel began to cry and display her sour face. It's probably because she prefers to read VW Trends with her mom.

February 19, 2010


It's been a challenge to capture Rachel's smile, but we managed to get a few more shots!

February 17, 2010

A Trip North & a New Bow

Rachel and I surprised my mom for her birthday with a trip North. While in the thumb, I got my hair cut and colored and Rachel came to the salon with me. I couldn't resist getting her this bow for her hair.

February 15, 2010

Skate Party

Over Valentine's Day weekend, my husband, daughter and I were invited to an ice skating party at faux Aunt JuJu's house (Uncle abandoned JuJu for the Valentine Weekend). My husband brought his skates - the ones he bought brand new in the early 90s - and I bundled Rachel up in the Baby Bjorn and we went for a walk to the pond.

February 14, 2010

Sleepy Time

Rachel is so darn cute when she falls asleep in your arms and her mouth is open! Here she is enjoying some shut eye with her dad!

February 12, 2010

Nemo Ear - Update

If you are not familiar with my daughter's nemo ear, you can read it here. Otherwise, here is the most recent update:

The plastic surgeon had us keep the tape on her ear until she was six weeks old. Again we discussed the reconstruction of her ear, something that will take place when she is 6 to 8 years old. At that age, her ears will most likely be the size of her adult ears and around that time children begin to realize they are different and want to have reconstructive surgery, which also means they are more likely to be careful and follow the necessary precautions after surgery (such as no rough housing). The reconstruction would be a multiple stage process and one positive thing is that her nemo ear is in line with her good ear, therefore, there is no need to "move the ear" to where it should be, thus eliminating one step in the reconstructive process.

We had an appointment at the genetics department at U of M and after a thorough physical exam, the doctor decided it wasn't necessary to perform multiple blood tests at this time. Rachel is a normal, healthy baby. If she happens to not meet her milestones - which would be noticed by us or the pediatrician - we can come back and have blood work done, to determine which gene is causing a problem and possibly give her a diagnosis of a certain condition. Otherwise we can revisit in three to four years, which would be the same time we can have a CT scan on her ear to determine exactly what is inside.

The final step in this ear situation was an ultrasound of her kidneys. The doctor called me the other day to let me know all was normal with her kidneys.

February 10, 2010


This photo is specifically posted for Amy P. We do not swaddle our daughter like this, she seems to squirm downward and almost every morning she wakes up looking like this.

February 08, 2010

Cookies for Dad

Since I've been home, I have had some time on my hands and Rachel and I decided to make cookies for her dad.

February 07, 2010

Big Girl Potty

On my recent trip to the doctor's office with Rachel, I had to use the bathroom. I was thinking to myself, I've never had to use the restroom when I was alone with Rachel. Where do I leave her? Is it wrong to take my purse into the stall and leave my child outside of the stall? All of these things popped into my head and as I found the restroom and went inside, I realized - after seeing a dim yellow glow come from the top of the stall and hearing angels sing - that I could use the handicapped stall.

Genius I thought! I could take my baby AND my purse into the stall with me! And once I got inside, I realized it is quite roomy in there, even with a baby carrier and stroller.

February 06, 2010

Baby's Medicine Cabinet

I never knew I would use any of these things until after I had a baby and my good friend Sara helped me out! Here's what I suggest you have in your infant's medicine cabinet.

Saline Spray/Drops
To clean out your baby's nose. The blue sucker thing the hospital gave to me, is very big and it's hard to get it into her nostril, so a few drops in her nose help to clear out the boogers.

Gas Drops
Mylicon Gas Relief Drops or the equivalent generic work nicely when your baby has gas pains. And I'm sure you will know by your baby's screaching cry when he/she has gas.

Gripe Water
Gripe water helps with hiccups, gas and colic.

Orajel for teething, Motrin and Tylenol for colds and fever and Desitin for diaper rash are all in my baby medicine cabinet and I haven't had to use any of them yet. I'm sure the time is coming!

Also, my pediatrician recommended Vitamin D since my baby is breastfed. It's available at the pharmacy, in a box, near the kids vitamins under the name Tri-Vi-Sol. Of course you should talk to your pediatrician first.

I have found that Target has a very nice children's medicine area in the pharmacy, but most other stores have a similar area in their pharmacy department as well.

Lastly, I think the easiest way to give my baby these items is to put them in a bottle nipple and have her suck it out. It's much easier than using the dropper that comes with most of the products. Some of the items can be added to the baby's bottle which makes administering them much easier.

If my veteran moms know of any other items, don't hesitate to leave me a comment!

February 04, 2010

Now That I'm a Mom...

Now that I'm a mom, I notice a few things...

Burp/Spit Up cloths are all over my house. I have 2 in the diaper bag, one that sits on the car seat, one next to my bed, a few in the living room, on the ottoman, or side table, and a few floating around in Rachel's room.

If I cannot locate a burp/spit up cloth, I simply use a dish towel, paper towel, napkin, baby wipe or my shirt sleeve.

I smell weird. I not only have my own smell, I smell like breast milk and nipple butter. I can't get the smell to go away. It's everywhere, on my clothes, in my hair, on my pillow case. Thankfully no one else seems to smell it.

I always know where a pacifier can be found. In her bedroom, in the kitchen just after being washed, in her car seat, in my nursing pillow pocket. I'm always on top of where the soothing plastic pieces are.

Strangers notice me and talk to me. No matter where I am or what I am doing, a baby carrier with a pink princess cover brings lots of attention to me. I don't enjoy it, especially on days I am trying to "fly under the radar" and zip to the store without showering or without getting out of my lounge pants, I am all of the sudden drawing all sorts of attention from people!

February 02, 2010

Lucky Number 7

I went to the doctor for my six week check up and the lucky number was seven. I've lost seven pounds since my first pre-natal appointment in May 2009. This is all with very minimal effort - just staying in shape during my pregnancy (I was at the gym, doing classes, Tuesday and Wednesday before delivering on Saturday) and trying to eat healthy while pregnant.

I gained 15 pounds while pregnant and haven't done too much to get rid of it. I'm nursing and trying to eat right and have recently returned to the gym. Let's hope I can keep off the weight and in 33 weeks my stretched stomach is back to "normal" or as normal as it can be after having a baby. I'm giving myself about 33 weeks because it took 39 weeks to stretch my belly, so I have 39 to get it back to normal and right now Rachel is six weeks old!

I've been wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes for about 3 weeks so the only thing I have to look forward to is getting back in shape after being away from the gym for 6 weeks.

February 01, 2010

A Smile and A Laugh

Rachel has smiled in her sleep and when she eats, but lately she's been smiling a little here and there. We can't seem to get her to smile on cue, but when she does smile, Dan likes to say, "I know the books say her smile is involuntary, but I think they are wrong because she's way ahead of the curve."

Of course we rarely can capture this on camera because it is so quick and involuntary, but today I managed to nab a photo with my cell phone. Not the best quality but you can see the smile. She is starting to smile when we say certain things to her and at certain times, such as just after she eats, although we can't get it to happen every time. I look forward to capturing her smile on a real camera very soon!