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Second Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift for a First Wedding Anniversary is paper. Last year I purchased a ticket for my husband to attend opening day at Comerica Park for our first anniversary gift.

This year, I will admit, I remembered our anniversary was coming and then I forgot. A few weeks before our big 2 year celebration, my husband sent me an email with his suggestion for a second anniversary gift for him: 100% cotton coveralls - - the traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton (modern is china).

This was such a fabulous idea because I struggle with what to purchase my husband for birthday/anniversary/Christmas gifts because he wants big ticket items - a house with a basement, a rock star motorhome, a tractor...

So three pairs of navy coveralls are all wrapped and given to him on our big day! 


In keeping with the 100% cotton/Traditional Wedding Gift Theme, I received new flannel sheets! 


Useful gifts are the best! (in my opinion)
Congrats on the anniversary!

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