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My daughter was born with hair, lots of brown hair, and everyone told me the same thing: she's going to lose it all and if she doesn't lose it, she will have bald spots. She's seven months strong and hasn't lost it yet. It did seem to thin out, but it's still there and she does not have any bald spots - maybe she got her dad's thick dark hair! How great for her! 

The longest part of her hair is the top, which almost resembles a comb over. Her hair on the top is long, it gets into her eyes if not pulled up or swept to the side. It's hard to put clips in her hair, because clips just grip onto the comb over section and nothing on the sides. Therefore we use the pebbles look: one pigtail on the top of her head.

Recently a friend pointed out her hair somewhat resembled that of Gene Keady. Gene Keady is a former basketball coach at Purdue. My husband knew right away who this coach was and agreed that Rachel's hair does resemble Gene's famous comb over. 

I scanned through a lot of photos but I think the one that shows of her "Keady" the best is her passport photo. 

Since this realization, we often refer to her hair as "Keady." We find ourselves using phrases like:
Did you comb the Keady?
Make sure you pull up/back the Keady.
I rubbed her Keady and she fell asleep.