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Pink Eye

Rachel had pink eye a while ago and when going through my photos I found this one. I snapped it before I cleaned out her eyes and took her to the walk-in clinic on a Sunday morning. When she woke up her eyes were open but all crusty on the top. I felt so bad for her, but she was very happy and acting like nothing was wrong.

While waiting in the room at the clinic, she was loving the paper on the table. She sat on the table with me and laughed and scratched and scrunched the paper with her hand and nails. 

The doctor, who introduced himself as Dr. Brian, which I found interesting because most of them don't use their first names, told me she had pink eye and she received some eye drops. The first few applications of eye drops was okay, but by day 2 (one drop in each eye, four times a day!) she knew what was going on. But we didn't have to use them for very long and before I knew it, the condition was all cleared up and she was fine. I kept her home from day care on Monday. Technically it had been 24 hours since she had the drops in, but I didn't want to infect any other kids, so I stayed home with her. 


Here is a close up of her eyes! 



This is so disgusting I can hardly look at it. Poor thing!

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