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September 17, 2010

Little Miss Georgia

I'm unofficially calling my niece Little Miss Georgia because she is very dramatic, sassy and sometimes out of control. I won't go into detail, but when I wanted to get a photo of her and Rachel with their pink hoods, she was very resistant and I ended up capturing this.




She was a little bit more cooperative when she was asked to pose for a photo with grandpa, but she didn't smile.



September 15, 2010

Take 2

Sometimes we have to take more than one photo because Rachel gets caught blinking when the photo is taken. Maybe she'll be an adult and not be able to have a photo taken without closing her eyes! Her grandma  has a similar problem.


September 13, 2010

Camping Adventure

My husband wanted to go camping again so he could go mountain biking at a trail very close to the campground we were staying at. This time we went to Ohio and were lucky enough (again) to be allowed to borrow the motorhome from Rachel's grandpa, so we were on yet another Rockstar camping adventure.

We arrived when it was dark, and it was cold - in the 50s so we had the heat on in the motorhome at night and the A/C on during the day! The state park in Ohio was BEAUTIFUL! Everything about it was great - the grass was green and nicely trimmed and mowed, the bathrooms and bath houses were clean and not smelly, the pool was big, and clean and the camp store not only sold firewood and cappuccinos but ice cream, too!

During the day on Saturday Dan and some co-workers rode the trail while Rachel and I enjoyed a day at the pool. We spent an extra day at the campground on Sunday with her dad! 

The weather was perfect, in the high 80s every day and cool and crisp at night. 

Here is our camping set up. 


Can you find the baby under the awning? 


As usual, she loved being at the pool. There was a large pool for adults and a small pool for kids that was less than 1 foot deep. 

Here she is hanging with her dad in the big kid pool. 




Here she is playing in the kiddie pool with her dad. 




Sitting on the lawn chair! 

After her swim, she gets naked and plays in her tent. 

And then she takes a nap in her tent!


At the campsite having a snack before dinner! 


September 10, 2010

Black Eye Trooper

It was going to happen sooner or later, and it happened over a weekend trip to Ohio! Rachel has a black eye!

We were on another Rockstar Camping Adventure, and she was outside, in her father's care, sitting on a blanket playing with her toys. My husband said he watched her bend over at the waist to get a toy and then all of the sudden she started crying. He thinks she fell onto her pacifier! I suppose it's time to get rid of that thing since it can be used as a weapon! 

My husband felt very bad and when he brought her into the motorhome, she was crying but it didn't take long for her to stop. Within about a minute, we had her laughing again, with watery eyes. She still looks so stinking cute! 

Here she is playing happily on the the mat outside before the black eye. 


And this is post incident at dinner the same night. It's hard to see, but it's slightly black and blue under her left eye. 


Later in the week she looked like this! 


September 08, 2010

Rachel is 2/3 of a year old!

By baby girl is growing up! She is eight months old and doing great. She's crawling. She is sleeping through the night very well, except once in a while she gets "stuck" on her belly and cries so we have to turn her on her back and without opening her eyes she is back to sleep.

She is loving all of the baby food i make her and combinations I put together for her meals. She eats graham crackers and puffs and loves to pick up the puffs and mash them into her mouth. For the most part she makes it into her mouth, but there are some days she misses and the puffs get stuck on her lip, face or cheek or fall onto the floor for Rockwell to nab. 

Rockwell has quickly learned that food falls from Rachel's location. He usually sits under her chair and waits. 



September 07, 2010

Gotta Wear Shades

Rachel in he sunglasses at the beach! It is important to protect your eyes from those powerful UV rays!

She loves spending time at the beach/water and sitting in her kiddie pool and hanging out in her sun tent! When she is in her pool, she often reaches over the side and plays with and grabs the sand. And she will chew on that turtle until you take it away from her!


September 01, 2010

Avery comes to Michigan

My niece Avery came to Michigan to visit at the end of July! It was great to see her and she LOVES to hang out with Rachel. She shows her all sorts of things and helps her with her toys and even plays with her. It was fun to see them together. Just after Avery and her mom were picked up at the airport, Rachel and I met them and went shopping. We put Rachel and Avery in the cart together and both of the girls seemed to love it. This was actually the first time Rachel had sat in a cart!


Avery just grabbed onto her hand and held it.


 And after Rachel "checked out" the hand-holding situation she was content and held onto Avery. And I picked up that sweet tee shirt for Avery.