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August 27, 2010

Working Hard for the Money

Since my daughter is so close to my office, sometimes she comes to visit me at work. Whens she does, my co workers are ecstatic and I often snap a photo from my phone.

Here she is sitting on my desk in front of my computer. 


And here she is watching me load some paper into a copier just before we were leaving - that is why she is in the dark! She loved that box! 


The other day she came over for about a half an hour while her dad was on her way to pick her up and she got a mega stroller ride and tour of the place. She loves to look around at everything. 


August 25, 2010


I'm pretty sure my husband was not prepared for what he was biting into when I decided to make him a cake for his recent birthday. I don't think he knew I had this in my recipe arsenal, just waiting for a very special person to make it for and a very special day to eat it. When I went searching a few days before his birthday, I knew I needed to make something chocolate and something with peanut butter. And then I stumbled upon this recipe, a big one, a 2 pager with three different parts of the recipe. I was so excited I had found this two years prior on one of the blogs I stalk. The name alone might make most people afraid, but I was excited, excited to accept the challenge and make the Sour Cream Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting and Chocolate Peanut Butter Glaze.

He was impressed. I was impressed and neither of us could finish this rich dessert and we sat for a few minutes, staring at our plates full of uneaten cake and went into a chocolate coma. 


August 23, 2010

Baby Food Addiction

Because of my recent addition to making baby food, I decided to tackle making teething biscuits. I found a few recipes online and tried one. The flavor can be compared to a wheat thin, without any salt. I'm not sure how I like them, I think they break apart too easily, but I did give one to Rachel to try.


The beginning of the dry ingredients get mixed together! 




I think the texture was freaking her out the most! It's very "grainy."

But don't worry, I wasn't discouraged or sad because baby Everett came over and gobbled them up. 


August 20, 2010

Sleepy Time

Lately my daughter has been able to get from her back to her stomach, but not from her stomach to her back. She often gets herself into a "pickle" and gets on her stomach but can't get turned back around. This first began when she was in bed. I heard her screaming, which is very rare. I went into her room and she was on her stomach, doing baby push ups and freaking out! It was somewhat cute and funny!

Once a night she wakes up and is in this same belly position, often with her eyes closed. We put her on her back and give her a pacifier and she is fine. Two weeks ago I went into her room to find her sleeping on her tummy! I snapped a few photos before I woke her up for the day! 

Now she often sleeps on her belly, checks mashed by the mattress and arms spread out wide. 




August 18, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Rachel had her hearing test this past week and she did great! From now on out we will simply monitor and test her "good" ear every six months to make sure it's working properly and hearing what it should be hearing. Rachel is hearing at an age-appropriate level. They did do some bone tests on her right ear, and we were told again, if sound could get to her, she could probably hear.

I'm always very nervous at these appointments not only about the results, but how will my daughter behave, will she want to be napping, will she be hungry, what if we have to wait FOREVER in the waiting room, etc. Well, this time, I forgot the stroller, so here I am in the parking garage, lugging a 7 month old, a diaper bag and a toy bag and trying to mentally note where I am, which elevator I am entering and where I parked the car! Then once I get inside, I need to be sure I am on the correct level and make it to the correct reception area! This time it went smoother than I imagined, but next time I will be sure not to forget the stroller!

We always receive the results of Rachel's tests before we leave and this time was no different. While waiting to meet with the doctor, I skimmed through the paperwork and showed my husband the last sentence (number 4) of the report below. He was so excited, he had me take photos of it and he instantly posted it on Facebook. Yeah, I think he was just a little excited that he was racing that weekend.



Here she sits on her dad's lap in the "sound room" and the audiologist watches her from the window to see what sort of reactions she makes to sounds. She was getting a little fussy so she was sucking on her pacifier and often stopped sucking and looked up when they tested her nemo ear. 




August 17, 2010

Grandpa Jolly

He didn't get to come to our wedding in Jamaica.

He didn't get to say the prayer at our Wedding Celebration in Michigan. 

He said goodbye the day before my husband's 34th birthday. 

But I will remember him Forever. 



Wilfred "Bill" Jolly

January 7, 1927 to August 14, 2008

August 16, 2010

Rachel is 0.58333 years old!

Seven months! It's been seven months so far! My kid is still a bite size gal, she can still wear some 0-3 month clothing, some 3-6month clothing and a little 6-9 month clothing. Baby clothing is just like womens clothing -- nothing is comparable in size. Just how women are a size 6 in this brand and a size 10 in another, baby clothes are no different!

I am LOVING making baby food. I make all sorts of stuff and Rachel loves to eat it -- cauliflower, peas, beans (from my garden!), apples, peaches, blueberries (that we picked together), squash and zucchini (from Aunt JuJu's garden), sweet potatoes, bananas, you name it and I puree it and she eats it! We're going to introduce meat very soon, I just haven't had time to cook and grind it up because I've been so busy working on fruits and veggies.

She is talking now -- babbling, instead of screaming! That's fun and reassuring since I'm always concerned about her hearing and ear situation. She has a hearing test in August and I am anxious and nervous about the results. She says dada and baba and bub bub bub.




August 13, 2010

Vintage Toys

Not only are there vintage baby items at my parent's house, but there are also toys. My niece loves to play with them because they are new to her, and it is nice my sister doesn't have to haul a bunch of toys with her when she visits.

Here is a set of RingaMajigs. I think these came from my grandma's basement. We used to play with them when we were kids.



Here is a stool my sister and I used, and now Avery uses to wash her hands and brush her teeth when she is in the bathroom. It is currently in the chair position, but the back of the chair flips down to become a step!

 This is Amanda. My aunt made this doll for me when I was a child. Her hair is a little crazy, but she is still in tact.


August 11, 2010

Vintage Baby Items

When I travel the 2 hours to visit my parents, I am utterly grateful for the baby things my mom has held onto. She still has the crib my sister and I used, it's all set up in a bedroom and has a mattress pad and sheets on it. Rachel sleeps like a champ in it. My mom has the high chair my sister and I used, everything on it is original and it's one of my favorite high chairs! It's such a relief not having to haul these things with us when we visit.

Here is the crib at it sits today at my parent's house. Yes, it is a drop side, but I am pretty sure because of the metal rail that makes the crib slide up and down, there is no possible way for the side to fail and for her to fall out. Which makes me wonder, why did crib manufacturers even modify the design. They should have kept it like this one from the 1970s.

The decoration on the side is still in great condition. 

And here is a photo of me in the crib when I was a child. I love looking at things in the background. I asked my mom why she had a baby scale and she said, "I don't know, you just had them back then. I think we got that as a shower gift."


This is the  high chair. I LOVE it because it is small, but not too small. It fold in half and nothing on it is fabric, so everything can be quickly and easily cleaned. Notice the vintage strap that keeps her held in.


The footplate is barely scratched. And it adjusts. 

She loved it outside, she loved it in that high chair. She banged on the tray with her two hands all the time. 


It looks like I also enjoyed being in that high chair. 




August 08, 2010

Bath Time

Since Rachel is an only child and so is Avery, both of them spend time in the tub alone. While Avery was visiting in Michigan, Rachel and Avery took their first bath together!




Avery wanted Rachel to have the little tiny duck. In the series of photos that follow, Avery is taking the large duck away from Rachel and giving her the small duck. 




I think Rachel was amazed and in awe and distracted by Avery being so active and busy in the tub. She pretty much just sat there, holding her duck and watching Avery move and talk. 


And for some memory lane photos, here are some bath time snapshots of my sister and I many, many years ago! 



August 06, 2010

Camping Trip Round 2

The joys of having three cameras -- a "big" camera, a "compact" camera and a cell phone camera! This means I find all sorts of photos I forgot I snapped! Here are some more photos from our Rock Star Camping Trip we took at the end of June.

This is Grandpa's Coach. It comes with rules -- you must wear very large sunglasses while driving or being a passenger. You cannot go the speed limit, it must be lower, and you have to go to bed at 8pm and get up at 6am!  Okay, so I made all of that up, but when you pull into a state park with this rig, you almost draw a crowd and when you get out with an infant, you turn heads.



Rachel was enjoying eating cereal in the motorhome. She isn't usually this messy, but on this particular day, she wasn't focused. She got a sink bath shortly after this!


Here she is, all ready to go to the beach for her nap! 


And here is all the stuff we took to the beach in the other stroller!



August 04, 2010

Pink Eye

Rachel had pink eye a while ago and when going through my photos I found this one. I snapped it before I cleaned out her eyes and took her to the walk-in clinic on a Sunday morning. When she woke up her eyes were open but all crusty on the top. I felt so bad for her, but she was very happy and acting like nothing was wrong.

While waiting in the room at the clinic, she was loving the paper on the table. She sat on the table with me and laughed and scratched and scrunched the paper with her hand and nails. 

The doctor, who introduced himself as Dr. Brian, which I found interesting because most of them don't use their first names, told me she had pink eye and she received some eye drops. The first few applications of eye drops was okay, but by day 2 (one drop in each eye, four times a day!) she knew what was going on. But we didn't have to use them for very long and before I knew it, the condition was all cleared up and she was fine. I kept her home from day care on Monday. Technically it had been 24 hours since she had the drops in, but I didn't want to infect any other kids, so I stayed home with her. 


Here is a close up of her eyes! 


August 02, 2010


My daughter was born with hair, lots of brown hair, and everyone told me the same thing: she's going to lose it all and if she doesn't lose it, she will have bald spots. She's seven months strong and hasn't lost it yet. It did seem to thin out, but it's still there and she does not have any bald spots - maybe she got her dad's thick dark hair! How great for her! 

The longest part of her hair is the top, which almost resembles a comb over. Her hair on the top is long, it gets into her eyes if not pulled up or swept to the side. It's hard to put clips in her hair, because clips just grip onto the comb over section and nothing on the sides. Therefore we use the pebbles look: one pigtail on the top of her head.

Recently a friend pointed out her hair somewhat resembled that of Gene Keady. Gene Keady is a former basketball coach at Purdue. My husband knew right away who this coach was and agreed that Rachel's hair does resemble Gene's famous comb over. 

I scanned through a lot of photos but I think the one that shows of her "Keady" the best is her passport photo. 

Since this realization, we often refer to her hair as "Keady." We find ourselves using phrases like:
Did you comb the Keady?
Make sure you pull up/back the Keady.
I rubbed her Keady and she fell asleep.