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Salt & Pepper

I was unable to visit the Thumb this past December due to the birth of my daughter, but my sister and her family made the trip from Georgia to my parent's house. While at my mom's house, my sister sent me a photo of the salt and pepper shakers my mom had in her cupboard. My sister counted a dozen salt and pepper shakers and all of them were full and in the cupboard ready to use. We couldn't believe she had so many nor could we believe she even used them all. 

When I visited my parent's house in September, and they were on vacation, my sister came up with the great idea to hide all of the salt and pepper shakers my mom had in the kitchen in different places around her house. I thought this was a fabulous and harmless job so I went for it!

The first salt and pepper shaker was hidden in their bed, so they found it right away. I then put this sign in the cupboard where the salt and pepper shakers are stored. I was hoping they would put the first set they found in their bed away and then see this sign.


There was a set in the medicine cabinet. 


A set in the antique desk. 

Displayed on the fireplace mantle. 


My mom called a day or so after she got home and thanked me for the "treasure hunt" but she couldn't remember how many salt and pepper shakers she had and I told her I wasn't going to reveal the number because if she needed that many, she would know how many she had! The last I talked to her, she only found eight, so if she read closely, she has a ways to go!