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Rachel is 3/4 of a year old

In September my daughter turned 9 months old! She started crawling on Labor Day, she is babbling and talking all the time. She is still itty bittty, weighing 16 pounds at her 9 month check up. This just means her clothes are lasting much longer than expected. She can still wear some 3-6 month clothes and most of the 6-9 are big on her!

We recently thought maybe she was going through a growth spurt and getting teeth. She slept a lot one Saturday and began to get cranky and needy and was just not herself on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday she was a mess and at the suggestion of her teachers, I took her to the doctor. She didn't have a fever and the snot from her runny nose was clear, but she just was very off. She wasn't sleeping well and was eating so-so. She ended up being "fine" and probably having a virus, so there was really nothing we could do. Of course the day after the appointment, she seemed much better. By the weekend she was back to her normal self. This was her first "real" sickness. She's had colds before, but nothing that made her this crabby. I think my husband and I got a taste of what a "normal" baby would be like - you know, one that doesn't sleep through the night when they come home from the hospital!

We're still waiting for those teeth to "grow." 

The photo session didn't start this way, but I think this face is hilarious. 


She wouldn't keep her fingers out of her mouth! 


I love this photo and I'm bummed it is blurry, but then again, I kind of like the blur because it shows how much she is a movin' and shaking! 




Rachel, you are too cute! If you decide to keep your fingers in your mouth, I will teach you how to bite your nails. It will drive your mom crazy! Faux-Aunt Heather

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