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Happy 60th Birthday, Grandpa (Part 1)


Almost a year ago my father-in-law said, "You know what I want to do on my birthday? I want to go to Taco Bell." when I asked him why he wanted to go to Taco Bell, he said, "Because I've never been there." I thought this was a very valid reason, and stored this in my brain, hoping I would remember when he turned 60 that I would "buy him dinner" at Taco Bell.

A few months before his birthday, I decided to check with Taco Bell to see if I could do a birthday party at their location. A quick phone call revealed Taco Bell does not do birthday parties. So my plan was to "tell a few of my father-in-law's friends" about Taco Bell and have them meet us there for dinner on his big six-oh. Well, the "few friends" list my husband gave me turned out to be more than 60 people so we had to come up with Plan B a Surprise Party (which will be Part 2 that will be published in the days to come).

I still wanted to do the Taco Bell birthday to ensure my father-in-law was not onto our surprise birthday party event. My husband, daughter and I met him at Taco Bell on the night of his birthday. I almost forgot about making him a cake so he would think this was his big-bad 60th birthday celebration. I remembered the morning of his birthday so I was whipping up cupcakes the morning before work and I frosted them at work! I nabbed some balloons at the dollar store after work and just before heading to Taco Bell.

I happened to put Rachel in a cute dress the morning of the party because the weather was going to be nice and she hasn't worn it yet! I knew there wouldn't be much more time for her to wear it before she outgrew it - it was nearly October. Rachel's teachers asked what was the special occasion for her being so dressed up, and I said, nothing, just wanted to be sure she could wear it - then I told them about the Taco Bell party and they all laughed. They were kind enough to take the dress off her and put it back on so it stayed "nice" for the Taco Bell party!

We gave my father-in-law an outdoor furniture set for father's day, his birthday, Christmas, Easter and every holiday in between, but we owed him a broom, so I bought him a broom and gave it to him. We broke the broom he keeps in the motorhome while on one of our camping adventures. 

It was super sunny in Taco Bell. It was almost impossible to find a seat that wasn't blaring sun into your eyes as you sank your teeth into the delicacy of Mexican food served at the restaurant. As I began to say they needed some curtains or blinds, I realized the Taco Bell we were at looked new and recently remodeled. When I ordered, I asked the cashier if they remodeled. He said they did, and just re-opened last week! I breathed a sigh of relief! What would I have done if they were still closed! We could have picked another restaurant, but it wouldn't have been the same as helping my father-in-law make all his dreams come true by taking him to Taco Bell.

We all ordered and as we sat down to eat, my father-in-law told us we could bring him back on his 80th birthday. The highlight of the day was probably eating the cupcakes I brought for him in the restaurant! 


A smiley photo in the morning before going to school...in her cute dress!