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Reach and Scoop

It's official, Rachel survived 8 weeks of Aqua Babies & Tots swim classes. She was the youngest kid in the class, most of them were walking and around 18 months to 24 years. At the beginning of each class, the parents had to set their child on the edge of the pool, get in and then grab your child and get into the pool. I was extremely nervous my daughter was going to crawl away while I was getting into the pool or try to get in with me. She didn't do anything! She sat and waited for me to pick her up and put her into the pool each time! She loved the water and first splashes with her hand, then both hands and then she begins to chat while in the water.

We sang songs, we went up and down, we threw balls, tried kick boards, noodles and life jackets. It's hard to encourage your 10 month old to "reach and scoop" with her hands and "kick, kick, kick" when she doesn't quite understand the concept. My daughter cannot swim, but I am now holding the tools to help her become more comfortable with the water and I know what to do to encourage her to float on her back and "reach and scoop."