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Baby Lemon

My high school friend is pregnant and due at the end of December. When I found out she was knocked up, I assured her I would come and visit before the baby and help her with anything she needed. Rachel and I made the three hour trip to Indiana one weekend to visit Heather and her husband in an attempt to clean the house, organize the baby room and give a foot massage.

We arrived on Friday after Heather got out of work and I brought a nice pan of lasagna for dinner. It was delicious and we relaxed that night while we made a list of goals for the morning. Rachel got to try out Lemon's new pack-n-play and slept like a champ in it. On Saturday Heather and her husband sorted through baby items and returned a few things at the store and I began to organize some of the things that needed to go upstairs. We hung clean clothes, filled the dresser drawers and got the mobile installed and night light plugged in.

One of my main objections of traveling to Indiana was making sure I had a sandwich at Chick-Fil-A. We accomplished that when we went out to the store to do some additional returns and shopping. We even stopped at Sam's Club and picked up a package of diapers and a crib mattress. Everything was coming together very well until we got home that evening. 

My stomach didn't feel "right" and a few hours later I went to bed - early, around 9pm. I woke an hour later and tossed my Chick-Fil-A sandwich down the toilet. I continued to vomit through the night and tossed and turned getting very little sleep. Rachel and I left first thing in the morning to drive home. I stopped at a gas station and got a box of crackers and a sprite and managed to keep that down during the drive home. I anticipated sleeping when I arrived home just after noon but I received a call from my husband that he wasn't feeling well. So when I got home, the two of us sat on opposite couches and dozed in and out of consciousness while Rachel played in front of us. It was a very rough Monday.

And sadly, I didn't take the flu home with me. I left it in South Bend, which meant Heather got sick on Sunday night and missed a few days of work, just before Thanksgiving. I felt so terrible and hope that I never do that again. 

We didn't get as much done as I had planned, due to my cookie tossing, but we made a small dent in the mix, and I had a great time hanging out with Heather and Sam.


Rachel was the official baby gear tester. She tested the Sungli and the Baby Bjorn. She was much happier in the Snugli.




You were a huge help on getting some important projects started/finished around the house. We got the family room more organized now and we are ready!

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