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Turn off the TV

Our daughter loves buttons, not only the ones that are sewn on clothing, but anything she can push - remote controls, telephones, toys, etc. She also loves light switches, which could have something to do with the fact that we have showed her how to turn them off. In September when my parents were at my house, my dad said, "Wait until she figures out that button on the front of the TV turns it on and off." I kept my fingers crossed that she never would discover what that small 1/2" square did, but I was wrong. One day, the TV just went off. And we began to tell her, "no." At first she laughed at our disciplining words, but then she began to listen. Now when she gets close to the TV button, she looks around to see where we are and then decides if she will turn it on or off. So far, she isn't too much interested in it, but every now and again, she will sneak one past us.

Here she is sizing up the button. 


And then I tell her, "no" and this is what greets me.