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Wash, Wash, Wash the Dishes

My daughter LOVES the dish washer. It is almost like she has a sixth sense when it's open and air drying. She crawls from the living room to the kitchen and is drawn to the dish washer. Sometimes when I want her to "stay in one place" I will open the dish washer and let her "play" with the clean dishes. She doesn't do too much but play with the vent on the open door and pound on the dishes. I am grateful she's never grabbed any of the silverware. Don't worry, sometimes I take the entire silverware tray out!

Here she is playing with the vent. I think her dad did her hair in this photo, and he did a great job! 


Pounding on mom's mixing bowl and making lots of noise! 

Rockwell watches with a semi-disgusted look on his face.