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First Birthday Party at School

The benefits of working right next door to my daughter's day care is being able to go visit her at any time. I was so excited to take my ice cream cones to her school for her birthday treat, because they tasted awesome and looked awesome. I planned a time with her teachers and went to visit with her surprise.


When I came into the room, Rachel was walking around ringing this bell. She didn't want to let go of it. 


She is sitting at the table with her bell! We sang Happy Birthday to her and she smiled. 

Baby A was too young to enjoy the ice cream treat, but he joined us in spirit. 


Her friend C sang Happy Birthday!


Baby Girl A was very excited to see the treat, but she couldn't have any either! 


More of her friends!


Her teacher's put a crown on her head! It didn't last long, she took it off almost immediately.


Her friends enjoyed snack! 



I handed her the ice cream cone and she didn't know she could eat it. She banged it on the table and tried to hand it back to me. So I stuck the bottom of the cone in her mouth. She then ate the entire thing from bottom to top! Once it was in her hand, she never let go.



After having a birthday with her peers, we went into the preschool room and the preschoolers sang Happy Birthday to her. She smiled a lot while they sang to her. 


Her preschool friends.