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A Day Off and the Scrap Yard

For the first time since my daughter was born, I took the day before Thanksgiving off of work and sent my kid to day care. My husband had the day off as well and we planned a day to visit the scrapyard and maybe have lunch together.

Our visit was a tad off schedule, when the vehicle I was driving (1990 Dodge Diesel Truck) needed a new battery and stranded me at work the night before. So while attempting to jump the old Dodge, with the new Dodge (our 2005 Dodge Truck), it ran out of fuel. I blame my husband for this, since he drove it the night before and when we left he was aware the "get fuel" light was on. The quick stop to jump the truck and drop it off at my father-in-law's house turned into buying a gas can and new battery and replacing it in my office parking lot. An hour later, we were on our way to the scrap yard. 

I LOVE the scrap yard. This is the second time I have been there and I look at metals in a different way since I've been to the recycling center (and received a check). Today's big adventure was to recycle the Ramcharger my husband had dreamed of restoring. After taking out the engine, and selling most of the parts, the final resting place for the Ramcharger was at the scrapyard. Naturally I documented our event in photos. 

You can see it was "time" for the Ramcharger to go, the "Fear This" sticker was almost peeling off the back window from the elements. 


Almost everything that could have been sold was taken from the body. 

Here she sits, loaded and ready to go. 

You are greeted with dust and noise when you enter the scrap yard entrance. 

And she begins to move...

She is raised up, as if she is being sacrificed to the Gods. 


Here is her final resting place, with her new friends.



And here is what we went home with.