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First Birthday

I decided to have Rachel's first birthday at my parent's house because most of my family and friends live there! We had about 24 guests, adults and kids, aunts and uncles, grandmas and great grandmas. We went through a case of Yuengling and then some, three quarters of a three milk cake, about 30 of my cake bite ice cream cones. The "older" kids brought a few wii games and played Just Dance in the living room while most of the adults watched. "Miss Anita" as the kids were calling her joined in on the dance fun as well as Dawn and Lynn.

Rachel didn't take an afternoon nap so she was super sleepy when the 7pm party began. She wasn't fussy, but wasn't overly smiley or social like she usually is. She sat quietly with her dad as they opened gifts, she visited with friends and family by simply sitting in their lap.

She didn't dive into her cake, she was very delicate - and I bought white cake and frosting, not thinking the effect of messiness would be toned down with the lighter colors, but it was! I put her to bed with frosting in her hair and gave her a bath in the morning. I think there was still some frosting in her ear when she went to school on Monday. 

My daughter was born nine days early, and the day she entered Planet Earth just happened to be my Grandpa's birthday. My daughter and Grandpa are 101 years apart. Crazy how the universe cycle works. 


You cannot have a birthday party without balloons! 


Or party favors -- scratch pads and pencils! 


 She was very lax during the opening of the presents. Her dad helped her and she was so tired she just looked at everything and sat there.

She tried to run after getting this gift in her hand!


And she wanted to read about the dog Carl. 


She read every birthday card that was given to her. 


A tiny cake for a tiny girl. 

She didn't like it when I put the hat on her.