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"Excuse me, can you hand over some T.P.?"

Last month my daughter went "missing" for longer than normal. By missing I mean she went into her room for what seemed like much longer than usual and when I went to investigate, I found her walking out of the bathroom, which is right next to her bedroom door.

She had a trail of toilet paper in her hand and was running toward me. I couldn't help but run to grab my camera. I wanted to discipline her by telling her no, but I refrained because I wanted to catch this Kodak moment. I knew this day was going to come. I was thinking I would discover her sitting next to the toilet paper holder in the bathroom with a pile of unrolled paper on the floor. I must have gotten lucky this time because the roll was almost empty. She managed to pull all of it off and was carrying it down the hall (toward me) that morning. As I was snapping photos, I let her "play" with the toilet paper to document the event. She ran back and forth to the bathroom and thankfully (knock on wood) hasn't shown interest in the toilet paper since then. 




When she went back for a second run, she stepped on the toilet paper and broke her streamer.