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Lucky Friends

I know I am behind, but I wanted to share my St. Patrick's Day lucky friend popcorn treat I made for Rachel to take to school! It was a modification of the popcorn balls I remember making with my Grandma and sister when I was a kid. I never knew how we made them, just that my grandma filled her (clean) sink full of popcorn, and dumped the colored syrup on the popcorn. Our job was to mix and mix and mix and butter our fingers/hands and shape them into balls. It was a challenge because you had to work fast before the popcorn set up, but the popcorn was hot on our fingers! I remember making all sorts of colors and wrapping them in plastic wrap for Christmas.

When I began this project, I had no idea it took so long to boil the sugar mixture to get the temperature to 212 degrees F. Thankfully my candy thermometer worked perfectly and my favorite recipe book (Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book) gave me an approximate time because the recipe card I was using did not! I was taking a "risk" with this recipe, because I didn't plan on forming the mixture into balls, but rather pieces, spread out onto wax paper.

When I mixed the popcorn and green sugar syrup mixture in the bowl, it covered very well. I was surprised because I thought it was difficult as a kid to get the popcorn coated and I recall mixing and mixing and mixing. Of course I had to taste some, because some fell onto the counter while mixing and it brought me back to my childhood. It tasted exactly like I remember. The sugar stuck to my teeth and everything! It was a great memory!

It starts with popcorn...

And boiling hot sugar syrup...

After you combine the two, you spread it out on wax paper to cool.


When it's dry you break it apart and package it!