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Germany Day 1 - Mainz to Russelsheim to Bochum

I failed to mention one of my goals while in Mainz was to obtain a cell phone. A few days before my trip we called Verizon and were notified it takes about a week to get a loaner phone for European travel and since I just upgraded, I wasn't about to purchase a new phone. It took a good hour or so, and I picked up my new German Handy with my new German phone number. The men at the Conrad Electronic store were very helpful, but for some reason we were unable to call my husband. We were trying every International Dialing Code to reach him and had no luck. I left the store thinking I would eventually figure it out because I was flustered with the one guy's inability to speak any English and the other guy's broken English. But I really wanted to stay until I was able to call a US number, which was my main goal while in Germany. 

I headed to the train station to make my 3:30 pm deadline to be in Rüsselsheim to meet my husband. I missed my train because I was instructed by my American travel companion to always take the "S" train and the one that arrived at the platform did not say "S" so I did not get on. But there was another train leaving 15 minutes later for the same destination, so I was all set. But, in my fear of not meeting my husband in time and him thinking I was mugged, robbed, beaten, raped and sold into prostitution, and coming to look for me, I thought our paths might cross and he would end up in Mainz looking to save me while I was in Rüsselsheim looking for him. So I asked a German for a favor. I asked him to use his laptop which he clearly had internet access on while sitting outside on the train platform. I was able to email my husband my German Handy number and he was able to read his email on his blackberry and call me back. Ever since that first call, I was able to get in touch with him with my new phone without any problems.

I made it safely to Rüsselsheim from Mainz taking the train by myself. When I arrived, I had to wait for my husband and then wait around a little more because he had a second meeting come up.

Rüsselsheim is an industrial town and my husband was there to work on Opel automobiles. I wandered around the town while he went to another meeting before we headed to Bochum for the night. This tow was quieter, not as busy or loud as Mainz. Not quite as beautiful, but still fun. It was around 4pm and there were kids on balance bikes riding through the streets with their mom, shouting German at each other. I sat and waited for my husband outside of a cafe sipping caffee (coffee) and enjoying a pastry. My biggest complaint about outdoor seating is cigarette smoke. And the Germans LOVE to smoke. I tolerated the smoke and attempted to stay awake as long as I could - at this point, I had been up for 28 hours so sitting down made me want to fall asleep.

So I wandered through the town and took photos. 

This is the Opel Plant

Adam Opel

This little girl was having a blast in the water bubbles that were on the square in front of the Opel plant.


Artwork in one of the town squares I stumbled upon.


A street

All of the taxis are this color!


Once my husband's meetings were over, we boarded a train back to the airport to pick up our luggage and headed to Bochum on the train.