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Germany Day 2 - Bochum

We took a high speed train - ICE, Inter City Express - from the airport to Bochum. We had first class tickets so we were able to ride in luxury. We ate on the train and I took a short nap - maybe 30 minutes and when I woke up, I felt like a million bucks. We were teetering on 34 hours of no sleep.

We arrived at a Park Inn in Bochum. It was a very nice hotel and I would gladly stay there again. I don't know how my husband managed to stay awake a few more hours and send some emails for work, but I crashed as soon as I arrived and was out like a light. I felt amazing when I woke up. We met for breakfast (the co worker was still tagging along) and then I tried the mini gym the hotel had.

The mini gym was great, because I was free. Free to spend as much or as little time in there as I wanted to. No one came in, or interrupted me. There was a sauna, locker and changing room, showers, treadmill, elliptical machine, and bike as well as weights. And for two euros you could use their tanner. I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes, did 30 push ups and 30 ab movements. I wanted to stay longer but the two English speaking TV channels we had in our hotel room were not offered in the mini gym. And I was in Europe! The last thing I needed to do was spend hours working out!

This hotel was my first taste of European style (aside from IKEA). I liked the circle light switches, the shower head that was in the middle of the bath tub (eliminating your elbows from hitting the shower curtains because you have to turn the length of the tub to shower), the gummy bears on my pillow at night, the Senso 1 cup coffee maker. But I didn't like the location of the toilet flusher. It was on the side of the wall, but I didn't know where it was like on my good ol' American Standard toilet. So when I got up around 4am, I was unable to flush the toilet without turning on the light. And you know how blinding the hotel bathroom lights can be!

That morning, after the gym, I took a shower and enjoyed time by myself. I may have put the robe and slippers on and sipped a cup of coffee in bed, under my cushy white duvet because I could. I may have plucked facial hairs and eyebrows in the ultra magnifying bathroom mirror because I could. I may have stood in the shower for an extended period of time and enjoyed the overly hot water and shaved my legs twice because I could. I may have taken a very long time to get dressed, dry my hair and put on my makeup because I could. I didn't have anywhere to be, anyone to get ready to take to day care, any laundry to get done, lunches to be made or phone calls to answer. It was  F A B U L O U S!

I ventured out onto another 15 minute walk to a mining museum. This walk took me over an hour because I'd get turned around and find myself in a market area and then have to back track and re-read the map and figure out where I was. But I made it! It was a beautiful day for walking and when I arrived, I took some photos outside and then asked about the tour being in English. I was told "no English" by the ticket booth. But the hotel clerk told me it was in English. So rather than waste my euros (the exchange rate stinks) I decided to skip the museum and continue walking.

As I was taking photos outside, I stumbled upon the gardens. My husband told me about these gardens on his second trip. They are plots, owned by the city that residents rent. Each lot has a "shack" type building. I saw these from the train and just happened to stumble upon them while walking outside of the mining museum. Most of them were very well manicured. While I was walking through this park-like garden area, I saw a couple sitting on lawn chairs chatting in the sun.

On my way back to my hotel, I stumbled upon some good photo opportunities including a cathedral that was under construction, but it was still beautiful from the outside! And then I ran into an ice cream parlor, and was in heaven.

Exterior of the Mining Museum - Deutsches Bergbaumuseum


Here are the gardens!



They each had a tiny door as their entrance. 

Some had swing sets and play structures for kids. 


I'm thinking this is some sort of pest catcher. 

The Cathedral I stumbled upon. 



The FIRST semi truck I saw in a city!

The mail man was delivering mail on a bike.

For those who love the television show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

The price of gas! This shows 1.42 euros for 1 liter of gasoline.

If I did my calculations correctly, the conversion is $7.50 a gallon. Maybe you won't complain about $4.00 a gallon next time you are at the pump.


Back to meet my husband I went, we had dinner, ice cream and boarded a train and headed to Wuppertal to our hotel for the night.