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Germany Day 3 - Wuppertal

We arrived in Wuppertal to meet another one of my husband's co-workers. Wuppertal is the location of my husband's European head quarters and his American co-worker had been in Germany working for two weeks. He was happy to see us, simply for the English conversation. We checked into our hotel which was a piece of art.

The Art Fabrik Hotel in Wuppertal, Germany was once a factory that was converted into an artistic hotel. When we arrived, we were given two room keys, we were able to view and choose which room we wanted. Each room was decorated uniquely, in an artsy like decor. I will say the hotel was so-so. It seemed to be a little ratty and ragged and needed a good once-over. But it was a fun experience for one night. I didn't get to check out much of the hotel because the next morning I checked out and headed to Düsseldorf. My husband warned me that Wuppertal was very industrial and there was not a lot to do in that city.

The exterior of the hotel - former factory. 


Entrance to the lobby.



The view from our hotel room.

The interior of our room.

My husband loved the plywood floor that was super shellacked. 

We each had our own tub.


The city of Wuppertal.

This is the Germany Home Depot - Bauhaus



Some sort of crazy three-wheel car!


I was less than impressed with Düsseldorf, but I will give the city another chance. I think I was tired of walking around alone all day, without being able to talk to anyone, without being able to read the signs or flyers or understand what was coming through the loud speaker when I was on the train. I got a map at a hotel and started walking. I made it to one church and took photos and walked around the inside and outside. Then I headed back to Wuppertal to meet my husband to take a 5 hour train ride to Munich and enjoy the weekend!

I ran into this cathedral and went inside to explore and take photos. St. Mary's Church - Düsseldorf




I lit a candle and said a few prayers. 

The organ was huge.