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Germany Day 4 - Munich

The weekend had arrived! It was Friday afternoon and my husband and I were on another ICE high speed train (reaching speeds up to 255 km per hour, which is 158 miles per hour) and on our way to Munich. We'd be spending the weekend there until our departure to the airport on Monday night.

Our hotel was in Olympic Park - Four Points by Sheraton and we received a free upgrade and were in an executive room. Olympic Park was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. There was lots to do in the park, but I had a few places picked out that I wanted to see in Munich, so we didn't spend too much time there. After a long train ride, we caught a late dinner, had some ice cream and turned in so we were well rested to begin our day as a tourist on Saturday morning.

Munich is a very large city, and in my opinion, very touristy. It's the Bavaria of Germany. We took the U or the Underground to the city and checked out the Marienplatz or the town center with the town hall. There were people everywhere - because it was a Saturday is one of my guesses, because it was a busy city and because all of the tourists had come to check out the sites! There was also some sort of protest of Nuclear energy going on. We were unable to understand exactly what was being said, but we received a flyer and there were several "people" that went down when the "nuclear alarm" sounded. Sadly it was comical for my husband and I. 

We stopped at St. Peter's Church and I was quickly "sushed" from taking photos (I even had the flash off!). The main areas of the pews were roped off so we entered into one door, and looked at as much as we could and exited out another door. There was a private event going on, possibly a baptism. I tried not to gawk and actually wanted to get out of there as soon as I was spotted and scolded. When we exited, we saw the entrance and payment area to climb the tower allowing us to view the entire city. There were over 300 steps and it was a breeze! Worth the climb for the views!

We stumbled upon the Viktualienmarkt which is similar to an outdoor farmer's market - food, fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and cheeses, eggs, flowers, plants, dried goods, beer and wine. We grabbed some strawberries and a banana and water and headed out to explore other parts of the city. We didn't have a very big to-do list, but had a small map that showed some notable places.

We came upon a beer garden - Hofbräuhaus. The most famous which we both saw and heard was a tourist trap. We walked through the noisy tavern and opted not to get a beer simply for the novelty. It was loud, old and neatly decorated, but I felt like we had to maximize our visit in Munich so stopping for a beer wasn't a necessity.

We then took the U, or underground subway to the Neue Pinakothek museum. My next entry will pick up there. I can already "see" a few of my faithful stalkers rolling their eyes to my continued blogging about Germany!


Town Hall in Munich.


Nuclear Protest.

St Peter's


Steps to the top of the tower. You only travel on about 2 flights of these stairs - which I assume are original - before you begin to climb on more modern wood stairs.