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Germany Day 4 - Neue Pinakothek

I knew I wouldn't be able to see a lot of museums since I was only in Munich for a few days and there were so many other things I would like to be doing in the city that were outside because the weather was perfect. I did some research on this museum after a quick question to my husband (modern or 18-19th century art) I picked Neue Pinakothek.

I like museums. Mainly because I like art. I not only like to look at the painting from afar, but I like to look at them from very close. I like to see the brush strokes, the cracking of the medium and sometimes I count in my head how old the canvas I am gazing at really is. How much simpler the time was when the artist was creating the work and how the artist probably never imagined hundreds of years later, people would come from all over the world to gaze at his masterpiece. 

I can't really tell you my husband's thought on artwork, but I will say he was a good sport. Maybe the audio helped a little bit, or the fact that the museum was not very busy that day.

There are so many great artists, and although I can't name all of their works, I can usually recognize them and remember learning about them in Humanities in college. One thing my husband said that brought him back to his days at LSSU was, "Manet and Monet, I remember them from Humanities." When I asked what he remembered about them, he said, "That they are two different people."

Max Liebermann - 1890 - Woman with Goats in the Dunes



Augustine Renoir - 1976 - Portrait of a Young Woman



Claude Monet - 1874 - Bridge at Argenteuil



Claude Monet - 1874 - Monet Painting on His Studio Boat



Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - 1897 Woman in Armchair


Vincenzo Gemito - 1881 - The Water Seller



Paul Gaugin - 1896 - The Birth


Vincent Van Gogh - 1890 - Plain Near Auvers


Vincent Van Gogh - 1888 - Sunflowers




Edgar Degas - 1890/1900 - Dancer


Theo Van Rysselberghe - 1903 - Fountain in the Park of Sanssouchi Palace Near Potsdam




Claude Monet - 1915 - Water Lilies




There are so many more great images I have, but I'll stop here! I'll gaze at them on my own! I do want everyone to know we weren't super stuffy in this museuem. We were able to lighten up a little.