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Germany Day 5 - Palaces & Concentration Camps

On Sunday, my husband and I wanted to go to two places - Schloss Nyphenburg and Dachau Concentration Camp. We began our day at the palace. It was somewhat busy and we were able to walk around the grounds at our own pace to see various locations on the grounds that were also smaller museums. The place was a summer home and although we thought the gardens could have been more beautiful, we enjoyed the day very much. The sun was awesome, the breeze was warm and it was simply great to be outside, not in the office and more exciting was that we were together in Germany.





The Dachau Concentration Camp was awesome, yet sad and somber. Most of the "tour" was reading large boards and walking through various locations that had been preserved. I didn't take too many photos because of the subject matter, and the eerie fact it was a concentration camp and thousands of innocent people were killed there, made it sad. We watched a short movie (thankfully in English) about the camp and it was interesting to see photos and video of individuals lined up at the entrance - the SAME entrance we walked through in order to visit the museum.  The entrance to the camp translates to "Work Brings Freedom."



This was found during the restoration of the camp. It translates to "no smoking" and was painted over. 


I thought it was crazy that after the camp was closed, it was used for refugees. They didn't have a home to go to, so many stayed at the camp until they could find permanent housing! 


I should have purchased this book, The Dachau Concentration Camp, 1933-1945 at the gift shop, but thankfully, Amazon has it!