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Christmas in July 2011

Most of you know I choose to make my Christmas cookies in July and here is the tag that I send along with my treats:

Around the busy holiday season in December, people and businesses are bombarded with an overflow of holiday treats and goodies. Often, it’s more than we can possibly enjoy, no matter how hard we try.  Therefore, please accept these “Christmas in July” cookies and enjoy them ‘til your heart’s content!         
Merry Christmas!
P.S. These cookies have not been in my freezer since last December! They were baked fresh this month!

Most of you also know we don't give our daughter much sugar, if any. I was doing the single mom thing while my husband was out of town working and I decided to give Rachel a sugar cookie to keep her in one spot while I made dinner. She didn't take one bite, but instead, tried to pull off the sprinkles and eat them one at a time. She didn't get too far, but it was comical watching her pick up the teeny tiny sprinkle and put it in her mouth.