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Rockwell & Rachel

Rachel and our dog, Rockwell get along very well. We work hard on teaching her to respect the dog and treat him with the same kindness she treats her friends at school. We don't allow her to hit him or run her toys into him or get mad at him when he is on the floor and she needs to walk by. We make her go around his space and get to where she needs to go. Recently she has began to say "excuse me" when she walks by him.

The other night I looked and there she was, attempting to get a dog ride. I somewhat freaked, because if Rockwell would have stood up, Rachel would have been dropped to the ground. I made him stay and grabbed the camera for a few shots before I made Rachel get off of the dog. He didn't seem to mind at all, which was nice. 


On a side note, a few days after this photo was taken, I decided to google the "pepper" that kept falling out of Rockwell's skin. I blamed it on my husband taking him to the race shop and letting him lay in "something" and get all dirty. Rockwell was itching a lot, but i figured it was his allergies - so we upped his allergy medication and when the pepper never stopped falling out of his skin, a google search determined it's FLEA FECES! I was mortified and thought about waking up Rachel at 11pm to rush to the store to get some sort of flea killer for our dog and house. I refrained from waking her up and we were at the store by 8:15am the next morning. I have yet to see a flea, and I know if I do, I'll freak out!