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Blueberries 2011

I try to remember to pick blueberries every year, but often the seasons slips by me too quickly. I know it's basically the same time every year, but the lack of advertising (post cards in my mailbox, TV commercials) makes me forget about it every year. This year I made it to the patch again and took Rachel and her dad with me.

We left early in the morning to avoid the super hot weather and were at the patch picking for about an hour. Rachel picked a few, and usually ate them. If I picked any berries and put them into her cup, she ate them or she dumped them into my bucket. In the end we went home with just over five pounds and Rachel had a full belly! 

Here is Rachel and her dad ready to pick blueberries - can you sense the enthusiasm in both of them?

And if you need a close of up the girl who won't crack a smile...