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Turtle Lake Camping Adventure

My college friends often go on a camping trip every year. They have always invited me and I've gone once before - and it rained the entire time and our brand new tent leaked the entire time. I didn't make the trip last year because I was so put off about the rain and the thought of tent camping and packing up all of that stuff. But this year my husband and I are SUPER busy, so I decided when I got the invite in the spring, I was going no matter what! So last Friday, Rachel and I took off for Northern Michigan with our tent and truck packed for our first solo camping adventure.

The weather was perfect! Hot and muggy during the day and nice and cool at night. Perfect weather to sleep in a tent! When I arrived, I was 9 out of 10 families. The group was all together spread across a large area, and it was nice to see people I haven't seen in a while and to meet new people. 

I was surprised at all of the kid things at this group event. And thankful Craig and Laura brought so many fabulous kid toys.

There was a bounce house..

And a doll house...

And a jeep...

And play-doh...

And a caged area...


with kids inside...

...trying to chew their way out!

And there was a blow up pool, push and ride buggy, play tent....and I'm sure I've already forgotten something!  

Rachel loved the water, ever more than she has ever loved it before. Not sure if it was because there was no one at the beach, or if the water was nice and warm, or if she is just older and smarter! She ran into the water, and out, splashed, stomped in water puddles and even put he face in the water trying to drink it!


And she was trying to take a nap!

We met some new faces.

This one's happy.

And now he's sad! And SOOO CUTE!

This one didn't want me to take his photo, but I sneaked this one in. 


This guy Rachel LOVED, and I began to start calling him her Manny (Male Nanny).

And we saw some old friends, too.

And at one point the kids all got C R A Z Y in front of the camera. I swear they were about to attack me!


I was nervous about going with Rachel alone and asked my friend, Mowen to help me out - I didn't want to assume people would help me because I was a single parent this weekend. I was somewhat freaking out when I arrived and Mowen wasn't there, but my friend, Sarah, helped me set up my tent and get things in order which was a huge relief. Rachel always does very well, she never wanders off or goes very far on her own, and this time was no different. She actually sat in the Jeep while I set up camp with the help of Sarah. 

We had a great time and hope to tag along again next year. And I'm sure if my husband comes, he'll try to bring the rock star motorhome for a much more comfortable camping experience.