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Wonder Woman

A few weekends ago, I was super productive. My husband was out of town and I was non-stop busy. I was so proud of my self and came to realize something after this weekend passed.

I cleaned my garage, primed my bathroom, washed my car, vacuumed the inside of the car, made banana bread, made bean dip, cleaned out my husband's files (he had tax returns from 2001), did laundry, cleaned the house, filed paperwork and I chlorinated (bleached) my well and flushed it after a water test determined there was bacteria.

The last item was a big accomplishment. I not only had to get the wall cover off, but I had to bypass my water softener and let the bleach soak for a few hours and then flush the bleach out of the well. All while remembering not to drink the tap water or give it to the dog until the chlorine smell was gone. I will admit I enjoyed taking a shower after my super productive days because it smelled like a hot tub. 

Sunday night after all of this happened, I was washing a load of rags and the washer was not filling up very fast. Cold water was trickling in while hot water would pour in like Niagara Falls. I googled the situation and feeling ever-so-confident and productive, I decided I could tackle the fix: cleaning the filter on the hose. I turned off my water supply to my washer and stopped myself. I was confident I could fix the issue, but I figured my husband would be home the next day and it was his turn to tackle this project. (It was almost 10:30 pm at this point!) This was one of the reasons I got married, so I didn't have to tackle everything on my own! Monday night the two of us quickly fixed the problem and it's almost like I have a new washer!