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Towel Tree for the Bathroom

With my new found confidence from Pinterest, I decided to make the towel tree that I pinned to my board a while ago. It can be purchased here for $127.75. It's a vinyl sticker that you affix to your wall. It's sold as a coat tree shown below.

I decided that price was outrageous so I decided to make my own tree. I was able to print the tree the actual size on about 15 sheets of 13x19 paper at work. I pieced it all together and then loosely traced the back side of it with a charcoal pencil (taped it to the sliding door to see through it). After you trace the back, you flip over the piece and trace the front with a regular pencil onto your wood. This allows the charcoal to transfer the image onto your wood. It's similar to using 'old school' carbon paper.  I should probably let you know I reversed the tree image and cut from the backside of the wood.

I him hawed about what type of wood to use, I didn't want it to be too flimsy so I nixed luan, I didn't want it to be too heavy and hard to cut so I decided not to use MDF board. And in the end, I just used the left over 3/4" plywood that we had in our garage. This decision was mainly because it resulted in no additional funds spent and we had the wood sitting there, left over from a floor fix from six months ago. The tree is in two pieces, the top and the trunk.

I cut it out with a jig saw - my first time using one and I love it. I bought a variety pack of blades and used the wood one they said was for "scroll" cutting. It took me about an hour to cut the entire piece, I broke one blade and didn't have any hand injuries or mishaps. I was pretty impressed with myself (thus boosting my confidence for more jigsaw projects). 

I sanded the good side and then my awesome husband cut two small holes to add the shaker pegs. I glued the shaker pegs into the piece. I painted it and we hung it on our wall (conveniently on a stud) with six screws - 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom. I covered the screws with wood filler and painted them. I planned to wood fill and paint the seam where the trunk and body met, but it didn't need it so I left it as is.

It's in our bathroom and all that needs to be done is the trim around it. 


I encourage you to tackle this project. If you don't have the ability to print and piece it together on your own, you can always contact a blueprint company and ask them to print it for you. I looked into this option and it was about $15 to have the tree printed.  If you would like the tree file I used for my layout, simply email me, I'll even send it actual size - just include the height and width of your area. Be sure to put "Towel Tree Pattern" in the subject line to avoid your request becoming spam. {kstrohs(at)hotmail(dot)com}