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Rules of Dress

I don't have a lot of issues with what my daughter wears at any given time. She's pretty good about simply wanting to wear shoes and a coat and "normal" things outside of the house. As long as she has clothes on, I really don't care what she looks like in public because I know she is cared for and fed and watered and spoiled!

I rarely dress her up to go places, and she doesn't have a gazillion shoes like I would like her to have, I'm saving my money for the day when she doesn't grow out of a pair of shoes in six months, and wants a prom dress AND a homecoming dress, and new shoes to go with each of them :)

I don't always encourage her to pick out her clothes, unless I'm struggling to get her to come with me into her room to get dressed. Then she will pick out which shirt she wants to wear for the day. She is also not into wearing the dress up clothes that we have. But sometimes she looks a little crazy, and i actually catch it on camera.

This day, I caught her coming out of the bathroom, without any shorts on (which doesn't happen too often) wearing my shoes and carrying her milk and goldfish that Grandma Linda left for her. She is also photographed saying, "cheeeeese." 

On this day I put on a bathing suit that she has never worn (but was handed down to her), and it was too small, but it was on and we were wearing it for the day. She asked to wear her rain boots, even though she knew we would be going outside in the pool while I stained the deck.