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Positive Thinking

I love my kid, I really do. And I try to be positive in most of my blogs. But this "phase" my daughter is going through is DRIVING ME NUTS. It's the screaming phase.

It's that high pitched, short scream that can happen anywhere: while changing diapers, in the car, in the grocery store cart, outside, etc. She knows when she does it that she should not do it, because it's often followed by her saying, "Don't Scream." And I've followed day care's lead and said, "When you scream like that I think you are in trouble, so please don't scream like that if you are not in trouble." And she usually stops. 

Of course, this isn't all the time and then I look through my photos and see this photo and I forget all about her screaming (but I will never forget the labor pains!)