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Blueberries 2012

After our vacation, we went to pick blueberries one Saturday morning. It was hot, but not as hot as it got later in the day. We each got a bucket and picked until the sweat started to run. We ended up with 6.25 pounds, two bottles of water and an awesome handmade elephant basket when we left.

Rachel had fun picking. She didn't quite understand you had to pick the blue ones at first but when she realized she could instantly pick and eat them, that's what she did. I think almost every one she ate, she picked AND after eating them from the tree, she'd steal them from our buckets and eat them. 

I always look forward to seeing the dogs at the blueberry patch - Max is a boxer and Snippy (I think that is his name) is a small terrier and this time was wearing the cutest little cone because he had gone up against a critter the night before. 





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