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OCMD Family Vacation 2012

We went back to Ocean City, Maryland this year over the fourth. We were there two years ago. We stayed in a BEAUTIFUL condo doors away from Dan's aunt's condo just 1 block from the ocean. We went to the beach every day except for the day we went to the pool, watched fireworks, hit the boardwalk one afternoon, drove to Rehoboth, Delaware one night and I got to do some shopping. The weather was perfect, nice and warm but not super hot.The water temperature of the ocean was great.

Rachel had tons of fun in the ocean, or rather, running from and into the waves. The only time she was brave enough to go into the water, was when I was carrying her, and usually I was somewhat forcing her to get wet. She loved running down the beach when we went for walks and enjoyed picking up seashells. At one point, as she was running down the shore, she said, "Watch out birds! Watch out!" as she ran toward them. Every day we'd leave the beach to take a nap or for the evening, she's say, "We'll come back another day." And usually when she woke up, she'd say, "We gotta go back the beach." And almost every day she would ask, "Who house is this?" I had to explain to her this was a condo we were renting. She obviously didn't understand it. While we were making the 12 hour 45 minute drive home (that's how long it took us with two potty stops and a breakfast break) she began to get tired and said, "I wanna go back to the condo and take a nap." Unfortunately we had to tell her our week at the condo was over.

I only took just over 400 photos, so here are a few.

Checking out the ocean for the first time this year. 



Dan, Rachel and Aunt "Betty." Her real name is Aunt Debbie, but Rachel called her Betty before she saw her and it somewhat stuck. We also have an Aunt Betty. 


On this day, we had a beach side pool


Running from the waves.


The trick with making a super awesome sandcastle is getting the perfect base. To get the perfect base you must pat, pat, pat the sand. 





Once you get good at making sand castles, you can help engineer them with your dad. 


One of the things I thought of that I am VERY proud of was taking our sled to the beach. I picked up this sled for $2 at a garage sale last summer. We didn't use it this past winter because our winter was so mild and we hardly had any snow. Instead of bringing our wagon like we had in the past, we brought this sled and used the beach cart that the condo had in the closet (which was also awesome). We were able to drag our stuff across the sand and by the end of the week, we were dragging our daughter in it so she didn't have to walk in the sand (mainly because she walks much slower than us). It's similar to using the boogie/body board, but much bigger!



On our boardwalk adventure, there were two sand sculptures.


This is my husband's father. My husband is the one that says things like, "I come from a shallow gene pool." 


And this is his sister, our Aunt Nina. There was somewhat of a "how tacky can you get" competition between the two of them.


Our only family, pic! Thanks Jami!