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Potty Training 101

Last Monday I decided it was "Potty Training Day." I sent my daughter to day care with just underwear on. I figured I better start soon because she's asking about underwear, wearing them every now and again and can already recite the potty book. Plus, we were done with our long car ride vacation to Ocean City, so I really didn't have an excuse.

I figured the first three days would be chaos, and I was right. Peeing here and there, not making it to the potty. Peeing in her pants and then telling me she peed. Peeing while eating breakfast, etc. Lots of cleaning the floor and scrubbing the carpet, clothing changes and laundry. I was washing a load of pee soaked clothes every night after work. Then on Thursday (day 4) it clicked a bit and less soiled clothes came home. By Friday, my daughter was accident free all day...even when we went to the fair.

You see, I had this brilliant idea to pre-buy a bracelet for the rides for the fair on Sunday and then I brilliantly declared/decided/flew by the seat of my pants that Monday was no more diaper day. So instead of letting my $15 pre-purchased ride bracelet go to waste, I packed a bag with wipes, a towel, change of clothes, and a toilet seat and headed to the fair in the morning. We went in the morning to see the animals and while there, Rachel peed on the potty. But not just any potty, the PORT-A-POTTY! The funniest thing she said, was "Where's the flusher?" I was SO PROUD of her and I also learned the acoustics for pee hitting the toilet water are amazing in a Port-A-Potty.

We went home for lunch and a nap and went BACK to the fair to ride the rides - since the midway didn't open until 2pm and I still had that aforementioned bracelet I paid $15 for. The rides were great. Mostly because the weather was great, overcast and in the low 70s. It sprinkled a few times, but nothing that stopped us from having fun. We visited the Port-A-Potty AGAIN and were successful! I should mention I did take her to the "normal" restrooms at the fair a few times during both of our visits, but she didn't go potty.

So though the weekend she did fairly well. She took a super long nap and peed through her clothes, which I expected since she didn't potty before going down and found my secret stash of Capri Sun and asked to have one. And she peed outside while I was filling up the pool - but who doesn't pee, or have the urge to pee when they see a hose with flowing water!?!? 

This week at school has been a struggle - which is to be expected. Friends that don't come to day care every day are there and she doesn't want to take the time to potty. So I'm not giving up, because once the diaper is gone, it's GONE! (Okay, she still uses one at night, which is fine since I have an entire case from Sam's Club to use up.)

At home we have a potty area in our (giant) bathroom for her, and she loves it. She asks for her table and says she needs her stool if it isn't under her feet. She enjoys flushing the toilet and watching the toilet paper go down. She also likes to tell us to "listen to the tinkle." And after we tinkle, my husband and/or I do a wild dance that she loves. 

Here she is in her potty throne, flushing the toilet and watching the (this time) poo go down. 


And sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Here she is after the fair, sitting on the potty we have in the vehicle and reading books. She hasn't peed in this potty, but it's here for emergencies. 


This photo is completely unrelated to potty, except that you can see her bootie and I thought it was hilarious when it happened and I needed to document/scrapbook/blog about it, yet at the same time, I'm grossed out. She was playing with these necklaces one day and all of the sudden....
(You'll have to ignore the bug bites she was scratching)