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Picture Perfect

I bought this camera for my daughter before we went on vacation in July and love that she enjoys taking photos, but hasn't quite perfected it yet. I'm looking forward to watching her progress. I just cleared the memory card and these are a few of my favorites.

I recall helping her when we first got the camera. I showed her how to set her toys on the couch and get a picture. It's hard to teach a kid how to take a photo when all they want to do is hold the camera themselves. Here she is taking a picture of her baby that is sitting on the couch next to a bunny. 


Walking with me to the mailbox...and she's showing off her "sparkle toes." 


Here is her view from the back seat. We were all driving in the car. There are lots of these, mostly of the ceiling, back of seat and her foot. Not sure where we were going, but this one is at least in focus.