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Charlie Returns after She Touches Him

Our elf, Charlie, returned this year on December 1st. I had been talking about him for a few days with my daughter, telling her he was coming. He arrived by toilet papering our Christmas tree and when she woke up and saw him, she said, "What's that?" It was pretty obvious she had forgotten that he appeared last year.

The next few days Charlie just moved about the house and my daughter was somewhat confused, she assumed he should "stay put" and when I asked where he was, she would constantly look at the two or three places he had been. It is cute when she does see him, she laughs hysterically at him.

This morning when Charlie returned, sitting on our kitchen island, a full size sheet of paper under him, he was covered with stickers and so was his paper. My daughter sat at the island to eat her cereal and laughed at Charlie. I told her he must have gotten into her stickers and played with them. Almost instantly she touched one of the stickers on Charlie's body and he fell over. She said, "oh no!" and when I turned to see what happened, I too said, "oh no." I (calmly) explained that we cannot touch Charlie or he will lose his magic, but I realized it was an accident and he should be okay. She explained that she wanted to "pat his sticker." The stickers are not fully stuck on Charlie for obvious reasons—someone has to pull them all off. My daughter seemed okay with this until a few minutes later she began to melt down and cry. She was terribly upset.


I thought to myself as I put it on the kitchen island that she might try to touch it, but I figured this was a good chance for her to remember the rules and learn about consequences. 

So I had a plan. Charlie stayed in the same place for a day, and then the following day we got a letter in the "mail."


Here is what it said: 

Dear Rachel,

Your mom told me that you touched Charlie on accident. That explains why Charlie didn’t come back to the North Pole last night to visit me. The only way he won’t return is if he loses his magic and the only way he can lose his magic is if you touch him.

Since you have been a good girl and you accidentally touched Charlie, I am sending some Magic Elf Dust. Sprinkle it on Charlie’s body and he will be able to return to the north pole.

Next time be very careful not to touch Charlie, and keep your hands to yourself.


I gave the dust and letter to my daughter and let her sprinkle it on Charlie. He disappeared that night and returned in a new location. The dust was actually confetti that we received in the mail with a card, and it worked much better than glitter, because it was so much easier to clean up.

I can't take FULL credit for all of this! I found the stationery online and you can download it here.
And I found the "magic dust" idea here.