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The Big Reveal

Now that my Christmas cards have been sent, delivered, and received, it's no secret that I am having another baby. Of course, as my husband tells me says that I can't make anything simple, so the reveal that we were having another child couldn't be simply stated. And he was right. Most things I want to be special, and fun, so this was no different.

My family got cards in the mail that looked like this on the front: 


And the inside:


My friend, who is always bugging me about having more kids (she has four of her own), received three pieces of mail, each sent a day apart (thanks to my mom) and she was "onto" me right away, but I denied until she received all pieces. I tried to blow it off stating the fact that I don't scrapbook, there is no way I could have done this. This plan backfired just a tad because she posted the first two pieces on Facebook, and I freaked out a little bit. I honestly didn't think she was that Facebook savvy. Some of our mutual friends commented that they thought it was me, too.





Then there were Rachel's teachers. One teacher in particular had been bugging me to have another child since Rachel was just over a year old. She said Rachel is a "little mother" and needs a sibling. A few months before I found out I was pregnant, Rachel was babbling (most likely being "the teacher") and I overheard her say something about her sister. I caught her talking about a sister again and after asking my husband if he had said anything to her, I immediately knew who was to "blame." Ms. B. fessed up one day and told me she let Rachel "hold" one of the babies and told Rachel she needed a sister. Therefore, this reveal had to be special. I created cupcakes and sneaked them into the center at the end of the day, so they were there when Ms. B. arrived in the morning. Shortly after finding out, there were three teachers and 12+ toddlers in my office congratulating me.

I found these cute little sugar bees on Amazon and made a chocolate cupcake with a white creme filling and topped it with chocolate butter cream frosting. 


 And I made these little toppers: 


And finally, the Christmas Card reveal - which was really a test to see how many people actually read my card. It says: Dan, Kari, Rachel and Baby Perrine, arriving April 2013.