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Christmas Jello Surprise

I love lists. I love to make them. I love to cross things off them, and mostly I love to get wish lists from people for birthdays and holidays and I love to buy them what is on their list. This year, my nephew's Christmas list was lacking - he's a boy and he's almost 16 - why are men so hard to buy for!?! His list included money so he could purchase a laptop or something electronic. I'm more than happy to give anyone what is on their Christmas list, but it's no fun to "open" money as a 15 year old who still enjoys opening presents. So I came up with two ideas: Jello or Ice.

Naturally when I do these projects I have no idea what I am doing or how to go about doing them. I have a vision in my head and often the finished product isn't exactly like my vision. I settled on jello and picked up dollar coins from the credit union (some silver, some gold) and began my project.

I got a big bowl and put red jello in it. I let it set and shoved coins into the jello. I then set some on top of the layer and poured green jello on top of the red. I let the green set and repeated the process, shoving coins into the jello and then putting them between the layers. I finished with one last layer of red jello. When set, I placed it into a sink of warm water and tipped it onto a plastic platter I found at the dollar store.

I was immediately disappointed. 

You couldn't see the green or layers at all. But It was done and at that point, so was my "great idea" which again, looked nothing like my vision. I have no idea what happened, but it was done. 

We presented it to my nephew on Christmas and he loved it. He enjoyed standing over the sink and digging out the coins with his fingers. He left with a baggie of coins and a smile on his face. Not sure what he did with them.