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My Camera

One of my 2012 resolutions was to take a camera class. In December I took a quick learn to use your camera class with a local photographer I had never met. I found her through a friend of a friend on facebook and decided for $30 I was going to hurry up and cross a resolution off my list 3 weeks before the year ended.

I learned a lot in that short and informative class and I knew it would be a challenge and I'd need to practice, practice, practice. And an end of the year bonus from my boss bought me a new lens and now what I really want it s a new camera (because mine is old and the ISO only goes to 1600) but I'm toughing it out with this one and figure I need to master my current one before I take a leap into a newer (probably used or refurbished) model.

So I have to admit most of my daughter's birthday photos suck. I'm ashamed to admit it, and I'm frustrated they are so dark and grainy, but that's that. I can't turn back time and take better ones and I was dead set on NOT shooting in auto mode. So I look at it this way: I'm just grateful I HAVE photos from her special day. Even if they are semi-crappy or not to my liking, I have them. And that's all that matters. 

I might consider a follow up class for specific questions that I have and I'd love for someone to come over with their "fancy and better than mine" camera so I can see if a higher ISO would even make my life better. It's all about the lighting inside my house - it stinks, but so far I'm managing and working with it and I got rid of my dark and grainy photos. So there is some improvement.