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First Snow

Well the first "big snow" came when I was in South Carolina for Christmas. But when we returned home there was snow on the ground and Rachel LOVED it. We had to take the opportunity to go outside and play in it!

We have a few buckets and shovels floating around in her play house and she likes to scoop the snow and fill the buckets. She loves making snowmen and putting "eyes and a mouth and a nose" on them.  We tried to omit the mouth once and it didn't go over well.

Her dad tried to teach her how to make a snow angel. I think she understood laying in the snow, but didn't quite understand what she was making, so she just laid there and looked up at the sky. It was really cute. She loves to make footprints and tracks in the snow and will go all over the yard. And I love watching her.

Sometimes we warm up in the garage, but in the end she usually only lasts about 30 minutes outside, which is fine with me (a girl that doesn't have a pair of snow pants, and even if I did, they wouldn't fit). It's enough to get her out and get her smiling and get her nose and cheeks pink.

Playing with her new shovel and carrying her glow sticks. Glow sticks can go anywhere. 


Playing with the other shovel she got for Christmas. She seems to like this one better, I think it's a little easier for her to handle the snow. Plus, it looks fun :)