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Happy Valentine's Day

So I may have set up a makeshift photo backdrop at home to knock out some photo valentines for the grand parents and wanted to share a few photos with you. Still working on my manual camera mode and hating the "yellow glow" my lights give off. I blame my husband for putting all of those stupid energy efficient swirly lights in our fixtures.




We made butterfly Valentines to take to school - Rachel helped me put glitter glue on each of the bodies. I affixed the eyes and did the rest. I asked her to help me with filling the bags, but she didn't want to. She was soooo excited to eat the left over "Valentine Cereal" though. I think we had enough for three days.

I filled each bag with red hots, candy hearts and fruity cheerios. It's important to only fill the bags about 1/3 full and to try to get all of the air out. I also noticed not all of my clothespins were the same size, and that the larger ones worked better. I hot glued each butterfly to the card that I made. It said, "Valentine, you make my heart flutter." I'm not even sure if the kids liked them, but I thought they were cute.