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Sesame Street Live

I have been wanting to take my daughter, now 3, to see Sesame Street Live at the Fox Theater in Detroit, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay $150+ for three people to see the show. And my most favorite personal assistant failed to tell me about the half off sale on Superbowl Sunday, but she did redeem herself when she told me about the 20% off sale the final weekend of the show. I didn't take advantage of that sale, because tickets were only on sale on Saturday and Sunday and in the end it was cheaper to go on Friday.

When Friday arrived, I let my daughter know that when her dad got home that night he would be taking us somewhere and it was a special surprise. When he arrived home, we all hurried to get into the vehicle and onto the road to make it there in time. We were probably over 35 minutes into our drive and our daughter still hadn't asked where we were going. When we asked her she said, "a special surprise" and left it at that. We finally told her and I don't think she understood until we got there and got into our seats.

We sat down just as the show began and she loved every minute of it. She learned about the letter of the day and the number of the day and then said, "When they say R for Rachel, that's when I come up" meaning that's when she comes onto the stage. Good thing she never asked why she didn't get called up there.

I took the point and shoot camera because I was fearful they wouldn't let me in with the giant one, and of course the battery was dying or pretty much dead. I was able to get 1 photo of her. She's standing by the souvenir stand where she got her $15 glow star (I can't believe I paid $15 for that stupid thing! But I'm a sap, my daughter very rarely asks for anything and so when she does, I think it's so sweet and I often cave!)