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Mega Milestones

This past week was a Mega Milestone in my family.

My husband was out of town when my daughter had her first sick doctor visit that resulted in an ear infection and her first ever prescription; I got a cold from the devil and due to my current knocked up status, I can't take any of the "good" over the counter drugs; I missed three days of work due to all of this family drama which caused customers to freak out and for me to get very behind!  

This was one of the hardest weeks that I've had in a long time.

The benefit of feeling crappy when you're home with a sick kid is that the two of you can spend the majority of your days in bed, watching television and napping your days away. I must say it was a great way to catch up on sleep and rest up due to my cold/cough/sore throat. 

Although I got nothing done. No vacuuming, no laundry, no dishes, nothing that needed to get done because I was exhausted and felt like crap. That's the worst thing about being home sick and with a sick kid. 

And I must say I have a great husband, who listened to me break down a few times on the phone, crying about this or that and helping me through the tough decisions to miss another day of work, haul my daughter to work with me, take her to the doctor, etc. He offered daily to come home and I assured him that wasn't necessary. I can tell you that when he returns tonight I cannot wait to see him! And just crawl into bed as my sore throat is still very present and he can take care of our daughter while I take care of myself!

In the end I survived! And I'm sure it won't be the last time.