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Mega Milestone Round 2

After my "hell week" of feeling like crap and having a sick kid while being a single parent, my husband returned home from working out of state and I was stricken with headaches. They were so bad that nothing was helping - no tylenol (all I can really take in this condition), no sudafed (assuming they were from a cold that I had), no ice, no resting, sleeping, laying down. I was up so much in the middle of the night in pain that I just wanted "real drugs" to knock me out. I think the biggest relief I got was icing the right side of my face, which is where all of the pain was hiding out - my upper jaw and teeth even hurt.

I broke down one night and took some 3 year old percocet I had hanging out in my bathroom medicine cabinet. I figured one won't kill me or the fetus, since they were left over medications from when I had my first daughter via csection. Within an hour or so the pain was still there, but tolerable. I couldn't believe how much better I felt with a little less pain. Unfortunately I wanted to take them throughout the night but decided not to until I talked to my doctor.

The next morning I called and chatted with the nurse. Percocet was "safe" to take but the doctor wanted to see me so I went into the office. I was given a zpack of antibiotics for a sinus infection and more pain meds after admitting mine were 3 years old. It was fantastic! Within a few days I still had headaches but they were tolerable. Often worse in the morning than the afternoon, but much more tolerable than they had been in the past. I suppose I have been mislead about sinus functions. I always thought if you had a sinus infection, it was possible that you couldn't breathe out of that side of your nose. I had no problem breathing out of both nostrils, so I am still unaware of how to know if you have a sinus infection or not. I suppose a headache on one side could be my best indicator.

Ugh, headaches. I have had at least one headache a day since March 1st. That's 19 straight days of headaches. I'm finding that I am taking at least 2 Tylenol a day to manage when the pain is the worst, which is better than "overdosing" and taking 10 in one day (yes, I did that and I knew it was bad, but the pain was awful!) I've tried Mucinex to break up the sinus gunk and it sort of worked. I even did a sinus rinse twice and was somewhat disappointed at the amount of gunk that came out, but the flush didn't feel as bad as I had expected!

So this is my second round of serious milestones. I'm hoping that in five weeks, all of these headaches go away, whether from sinus issues or pregnancy hormones, or I can take something stronger than Tylenol.